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Consultations For A Better Body

I take alot of pride in my accomplishments in bodybuilding but I am even more proud of the results that I have had on other peoples bodybuilding progress and goals. I have been training people for 23 years and have won "Trainer of the Year" for 9 consecutive years. My workouts and nutritional formula produces the optimum in results and I have made a difference in thousands of peoples lives because of this formula.
I am currently accepting clients for Telephone Consultations to help them achieve these great results. Its simple and will save you years from making common mistakes with your training and diet. I outline your complete Training, Diet, Supplements and tell you the secrets that enabled me to become the most successful trainer and bodybuilding champion. Basically the way the program works is...

#1- You e-mail me your current routine and diet including supplements that you are using. You also e-mail me a current photo so I can critique your physique and make the necessary recommendations.
#2- You explain in depth what your goals are whether it be to Build Mass, Increase Strength, Lose Bodyfat or Train for a contest.
#3- Send a Check or Money order for $150.00 and your e-mail address to the following address:

John DeFendis
P.O. Box 5477
Lake Worth, Florida

As soon as I get the payment I will contact you via e-mail with a telephone number that you can call me at. The fee includes a One Hour Consultation where I will outline your entire game plan. This will dramatically change your bodybuilding progress. I guarantee results and I make sure that my clients are totally content with the outcome of the consultation.
E-mail me and schedule a telephone consultation before April 20th and receive a 1/2 hour follow up consultation absolutely FREE! This is a limited time offer and is subject to a first come first serve basis...Due to the volume of e-mails that I receive please be patient and give me up to 3 days to e-mail you back.

If you have any questions about the quality of John's work and his ability to achieve great results...just check out this bio...
John's Bio:
Teenage Mr. New York (1978)
Mr. New York (Only person to win as a teenager) (1978)
Mr. Northeastern America (1979)
Mr. USA (runner-up at 20 years old)
Mr Eastern America (1980)
Mr. Western America (1983)
Mr. Eastern States (1988-to requalify for the USA)
Mr. USA (1988)
Trainer of the Year (9 Consecutive Years)
John started training people 23 years ago when he was 18 and he has trained over 200 champion titleholders in bodybuilding including 3 woman that have turned pro and 2 woman Fitness competitors that have turned pro. Besides his background and success with the bodybuilding world he has also trained thousands of overweight people. He recently took 40 pounds off of the Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. He spent 4 months in Washington with Gingrich and trained 17 Senators and Congressman while he was there. He also trained the designer Calvin Klein, the CEO of American Express Jim Robinson, Professional Ballplayers Mike Piazza and Luis Alicea as well as taking over 100 pounds off of 15 people in the last 2 years. He has his own radio talk show on Bodybuilding, Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Training and Weight Loss. He writes a syndicated Newspaper column called "The Fitness Expert" that is carried in 28 different newspapers, and he has won "Trainer of the Year" for the last 9 years for the state of Florida. John is also the Director of Exercise for the IFPA (They certified the Olympic Doctors in 1996) John DeFendis has been featured on the television shows: Hard Copy (4 times), ABC T.V.'s 20/20 with Barbara Walters, NBC Sports, The Joan Rivers Show, Good Morning America, and NBC, ABC, & CBS News several times.
Act Now...Build that Physique that you have always wanted...Learn all the secrets!