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Still Huge After All These Years...
An Interview with Mr USA John DeFendis

By Brian Russell
Eleven years after he won the Mr. USA title in Las Vegas, John DeFendis sits in front of me at 41 years old and 262 pounds of hard as steel muscle. I am amazed at the development of a man his age that hasn’t set foot on a bodybuilding stage in 10 years. I wanted to share this interview with the Max Muscle readers because I found it to be very interesting...
BR: John, you have amazing development for a guy that doesn’t compete. What motivates you to stay in such great shape?

JD: Well Brian, Ever since I was ten years old I was fascinated with bodybuilding. My father was a bodybuilder and my brother was a national wrestling champion. It was in my blood and I wanted to be like one of the bodybuilders that I read about in the magazines. When I was just 13 years old I said I was going to be the best built man in the country and since that time I made it a goal to win the USA title. After training hard and focusing on that goal, I was finally able to achieve it when I was 30 years old. It took seventeen years but I finally lived my dream. After the USA I decided to put the focus on training others and helping them to reach their goals. I always continued to train hard because I love the intense workouts and I believe that you have to live the life in order to set an example for others to be the best that they can be. I am 41 years old now and I am just getting my second wind. I expect to be even better at 50 years old.

BR: Besides winning the USA, you also won the Trainer of the Year award for 9 consecutive years down in Florida. That is a fantastic accomplishment. What do you attribute your success to?

JD: (John laughs) Telling people what to do to prevent them from making the same mistakes that all of us usually make in the early years. A good bodybuilding program consists of many ingredients. The most important ones are Hard Training, Good Nutrition and Proper Supplementation. If you have all the ingredients then you have a good chance to build an incredible body. My success as a trainer stems from educating my bodybuilders and giving them the motivation to train hard and be persistent. Once they know what supplements to take and what to eat then they start growing and train even harder! I also set an example by living the lifestyle. I always train hard, eat right and take supplements.

BR: If you don’t mind me asking, what supplements do you recommend to your bodybuilders and what supplements do you use yourself?

JD: I have used and recommended many supplements for years. Ones that have produced great results. I had a formula of 8 seperate products that I would have all of my bodybuilders take that consisted of a Growth and Muscle Building Formula, A Fat Burning Formula, Energy Enhancers, Nutrients to Recover from the hard workouts and a Water Eliminator to harden up your muscles in a matter of days. The formula was so incredible and worked so well that I decided to join the team at Natural Source Products, a company that has been World Reknown for its products, standards and crediblitiy for over 25 years, and together we designed the product into an easy to use Pack that contains all the vital nutrients to Build Muscle and Burn Fat. The product is called “The Burn Fat Build Muscle Pack”and I live by it. It actually works so well that after missing several months of training designing the product, I used it to get back in shape as you will see in our ad on page —- The before and after pictures don’t lie. It is obvious that I was in poor shape in the before photo and it only took a few short weeks to build the muscle up and strip off the fat. It is the one product that I take to make sure that I am getting the most results out of my hard work in the gym. To make it even easier I have included 2 complete Nutritional Programs and 2 Workout Programs for Men and Women who want to achieve the same results that thousands of people have achieved in the past few years using “The Burn Fat Build Muscle Pack!”

BR: Wow, you really believe that the “Burn Fat Build Muscle Pack” makes that much of a difference John?

JD: Put it this way Brian, Not only is it the best product on the market today for someone who wants fast and dramatic results, but the “Burn Fat Build Muscle Pack” has all the answers right inside the box. Instead of spending alot of money for Personal Trainers or consultations, all they have to do is follow the program inside the box. This is the same program that I have used to become Trainer of the Year for 9 straight years.

BR: Is the program in the “Burn Fat Build Muscle Pack” easy to follow?

JD: It is so simple to follow. I always hated it when I bought something and couldn’t understand the directions. With that in mind I made the program very easy to follow but very effective. It even includes a Shopping checklist to bring to the grocery store!

BR: Man, you really are making it easy for them! Is there anything else you would like to say?

JD: Yes, I think that Joe Wells and Sean Greene are doing an excellent job of educating the up and coming bodybuilders with their Max Muscle Magazine and Stores. Max Muscle seems dedicated to helping people get results and I look forward to each issue. Just as they are dedicated to that goal, I also love helping people achieve their Bodybuilding goals and I get a thrill out of watching them transform their bodies and fulfill their dreams. With that in mind I would like to make a special offer to all the Max Muscle readers and customers. For the next two months anyone that purchases the “Burn Fat Build Muscle Pack” will have access to my e-mail address and I will be glad to answer any questions that they have about the product and the program. I will also send them the link to my website which also has Training Tips and Photos! The E-mail address is: I look forward to hearing from all of you that have the desire to look and be your best! Train Hard and Grow Huge!