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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm a beginner but I'm confused about how many sets and reps to do. How many should I do for optimum growth?
When you begin Bodybuilding and you are looking to make maximum gains in size and strength, I recommend that you stick with the basic exercises like Incline Press, Barbell or Dumbell Press, Squats, Bent-over-Rows, etc. You should keep the rep range on your Pressing Movements between 6 to 8 reps and other movements like Lateral Raises for shoulders and Flat Flyes for Chest between 10 to 12 reps. All sets should be performed until failure and you should do at least 12 sets per bodypart. Pick 3 to 4 exercises and do 3-4 sets of each movement.

2. How many times per week should I work out the same bodypart?
You should train each bodypart every 4-6 days depending on your ability to recuperate. A Good schedule would look like this:
Day 1- Chest & Triceps
Day 2- Back & Biceps
Day 3- Shoulders
Day 4- Thighs and Hamstrings.
Day 5- Total Rest Day
Day 6- Repeat Day 1
You can also do Abs on Days # 1 & 3, and Calves on Days # 2 & 4.
If you have the ability to recuperate faster then you could make Day # 3- Shoulders and Legs and Day # 4 your rest day. You would start over on Day # 5.

3. What's the difference between the way you work out, and the HEAVY DUTY type of work out?
Heavy Duty advocates just One or Two sets per bodypart. The fact that you are only doing one or two sets limits your ability to incorporate many different exercises that would work the different areas of each bodypart. If you are training Shoulders you would want to incorporate exercises that would work the entire deltoid area. This means the Anterior Deltoid (Front), Lateral Deltoid (Side), Posterior Deltoid (Rear) and the upper traps. It would be impossible to work all of these areas with a 2 or 3 set program for Shoulders. If you want great shape you must work the muscle from all angles as well as train the muscle till failure.

4. How much protein should I get per day?
You should get a minimum of one gram of protein per every pound of lean body mass, but I like to consume one gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight as long as you are fairly lean to begin with.

5. Should I use free weights instead of machines?
It is always good to use a combination of free weights and machines. If you are a beginner who wants to put on mass, I would recommend that you use mostly Free Weights and stick to the Basic exercises for growth like Squats, Incline Press, Barbell Presses, Barbell Curls, Close Grip Bench Press, etc. After you complete most of the workout with Free Weights then you can add in some isolation movements with machines like Pec Dec, Machine Laterals, or Preacher Curls.

6. Is it possible to get 18' biceps without steroids?
Yes, It is possible to get 18" arms without using steroids. I was able to build a 19" arm before I ever even knew what a steroid was. Hard Training, Proper Nutrition and Supplements will help you to build an 18" arm or better.

7. How long will it take me to see results from weight training?
If you are training properly, eating enough Protein and Good Food, and using vitamin supplements that are effective like the Burn Fat...Build Muscle Pack, you will see and feel a difference within the first couple of weeks. You will take on a harder, firmer appearance as well as see an increase in strength on all of your lifts. It takes alittle longer to visually see the muscle size gains but you will be impressed after the first 6 weeks.

8. How much cardio work should I do?
If you are carrying a large amount of bodyfat, I would concentrate mostly on the cardio exercise. You should do 45 minutes per day and as many as 5-6 days per week. People often ask me which cardio exercise is the best, the Stationary Bicycle, Treadmill, or Stairmachine? The best cardio exercise is the one that you like the best, the one that will motivate you to get your butt to the gym and do it! If you are trying to build muscle and you do not have much bodyfat then you should concentrate on putting all of your energy into your weight training workout. I never do cardio exercise when I am trying to grow because my weight training workout is very intense and after I get my basic movements out of the way I usually move at the speed of sound through my workout. (Well, maybe not the speed of sound but very fast pace) Most of this portion of my workout is supersetted. (MOVING FROM ONE EXERCISE TO ANOTHER WITH NO REST.)

9. Why should I believe your methods over other bodybuilders?
I have been training for 30 years now (started when I was 10 and competed when I was 15 years old.) and I have been training people for 22 years. I have experimented and observed every type of training from the One Set Workout (which can not get the job done) to Circuit Workouts, to High Set Workouts, etc. Many years ago I figured out a formula that has produced over 200 bodybuilding Champions as well as allowed me to acheive my ultimate goal which was to win the Mr. USA title. It includes a nutritional program and a workout program that is very intense yet extremely effective for those who have the guts to do it. I also have worked with overweight indivduals for over 20 years and I have created a formula for someone who needs to shed those excess pounds and get into the best shape of their lives. In the last two years this formula has been responsible for taking over 100 pounds off of 14 different people. Stay tuned and I will make sure that whether you are looking to add pounds of Muscle or Lose Fat, that you will be on the right track!